Say cheese! – all you need to know about Swiss cheese

Visiting Switzerland on a diet is not the smartest thing to do. The country’s annual chocolate consumption is the highest in the world followed by cheese consumption on place number six (behind Greece, Denmark, France, Austria and Italy) with more than 20 kg of cheese per capita. Swiss cheese production is renowned worldwide and the Swiss have started making their cheese in the XIII century already.  Nowadays, the variety counts 450 different cheese products in Switzerland and it is really difficult to decide which one is your favorite cheese.


So if you plan to visit Switzerland soon, here’s a list of my favorite worth trying:


This lovely cheese is my absolute top number one. It smells and tastes intense. The cheese is coming from a region in Switzerland with the same name and belongs to the most popular cheese sorts of the country. There are more types of this cheese available, but my recommendation is the Old Gruyere, which is harder and more salty thanks to longer maturation.



2. Tête de Moine

It is a pretty cheese shaped into a little flower. The German name Mönchkopf doesn’t remind me of the head of a monk at all. Tête de Moine is produced in Franches-Montagnes in canton Jura of Switzerland. It is typical for this cheese not to be sliced but instead scraped from the top. The result are flower shaped Rosetten which guarantee a delicious creamy and salty flavor.




3. Formaggini

The Italian name formaggini stands for little cheese and that’s what it is. Formaggini are small pieces of cream cheese, served as apero with herbs or vegetables, made with cow- or goat milk. You can often find them in Swiss salads.




4. Appenzeller

This Swiss cheese can be produced exclusively in the village Appenzeller. The maturation process of this cheese takes 3 to 6 months, while it’s being prepared with arcane herbal brine receipt made of wine, salt, yeast, herbs and spices. You will love this cheese for its unique, spicy aroma.




5. Vacherin Mond D’Or

Under the hard topping you will find a soft, creamy and slightly sweet cheese. The legendary soft cheese from Lac de Joux in canton Jura is very popular among the Swiss. The distinctive taste of this cheese is a result of its maturation process in a braid made from spruce bark.




6. Emmentaler

Swiss Emmentaler is quite popular and the only cheese with holes on my list, despite there’s many other delicious types too. This semi hard cheese is coming from the region Emmental in Switzerland and has a mild taste, which makes it so special. Many people consider this cheese as the best in the world and similar like some other regional products, Emmentaler cheese can be produced only in the Emmental village.



I hope this short post will help you to find your absolute favorite cheese the next time you visit Switzerland.



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