Restaurant La Brasserie du Royalle in Lausanne, Switzerland


In March 2016, I had the pleasure to stay at the beautiful Hotel Royal Savoy ***** in Lausanne, Switzerland and try the newly opened restaurant La Brasserie du Royal which is famous for it’s fine-dining options. The good reputation of this place is resulting of an excellent sense of proportion between the tradition and modernity. The brasserie has a lovely ambience thanks to the extremely nice people, who work here, unique design and “something magical”.

“Never rest of your laurels, always question yourself, identify the trends and listen to the customer“ – these are the words the chef at Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne, Julien Krauss, used to define his culinary philosophy of this place.

Lausanne braserie 1


A charming restaurant manager took my coat and showed me the impressive wine collection behind him in the corridor (picture above). The beautiful floor is hand-made and reaching back to 1909 when the luxury Hotel Royal Savoy was build. On both sides of the corridor you will find fridges with a selection of delicious fine meats, traditional cheese and more than 400 local wines. The tiles on the floor indicate different wine regions of the Vaud district.





Now, we are going to the stylish restaurant area, where you can choose between the large restaurant area with wonderful violet lamps and an unique interior design with wonderful epigrams on the walls. The restaurant also offers a fantastic 50-cover terrace with garden views.





I have decided to eat in the smaller restaurant area with the open kitchen where I would be able to see the team of world famous, Michelin-starred chef Marc Haeberlin cooking and preparing fine “art foodies” for the hungry guests.

“Being a cook is an amazing job requiring you to question yourself on a daily basis. Talent is not enough; you need to take feedback in, keep a cool head, stay focused and modest: we are just good craftsmen, much like carpenters, blacksmiths or stonemasons. Even if the media occasionally make a chef into a star. Let’s never forget we owe our success to our fathers.“

                                                                                                                              Marc Haeberlin




The nice restaurant manager has introduced me to the “Chef de cuisine” – Mr Adam Bentalha, who told me he will personally take care of my dinner tonight. I was really excited and flattered of this nice gesture. I have had the chance to see how Mr Bentalha was preparing other delicious dishes too.



I have asked to be surprised with some delicious vegetarian food. Actually I’m a 99% of the time vegetarian and there are exceptions when I do eat some meat but I’m trying not to.

As an amuse-bouche I was served mini “patties with mushrooms”, which came freshly out of the oven, served with tasty bread and butter. I like the packaging of the bread with the name of Mr Marc Haeberlin.



My starter was a delicious Swiss fera fish with its wonderful pink color coming from red beetroot. The dressing is a tasty combination of lemon and ginger and all is seasoned with a decent touch of herbs. This delicious “fish-masterpiece” was prepared with some exquisite caviar, crème fresh as well as beautiful slices of beetroots and fresh herbs on the top. I think I have never had such a beautiful and tasty starter in my life.  It tasted very good.



The small plate was a tasty dish consisting of poached egg with cream-cheese-spinach sauce. This wonderful menu was prepared with herbs, small croutons and black truffles. The dish was served warm and had a pleasant, intense aroma coming from the black truffles.



As a main course I was served scallopes de poisson, which came with a tasty and creamy mushroom sauce, spinach leaves and grilled truffles. It was simply marvelous! There is not one thing I could criticize in that dish. The escalopes were tender and melting in my month, whilst the aromatic creamy mushroom sauce with truffles has perfectly rounded up the taste.



This main course came with a tasty wine, which was my favorite for tonight – Domaine aux Moines. This elegant dry vintage wine coming from 100% Chenin grape variant grown on a clay shale terrior, was just the perfect match with the fish escalopes and mushrooms.



My dessert was another “sens de fête et le gout”. The decoration is a light mascarpone crème covering a sirupe pear, served with pistachio ice cream. It came traditionally with a sweet plum liqueur. Despite it was so tasty when I tried it, I couldn’t eat the portion as I was quite full already. I know I will regret this until the end of my life.








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