Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne, Switzerland

Aseasoned traveller and “hotel stay enjoyer” – that is how I see myself. In my early 20s, I finished my professional education in hotel management in Poland’s most prestigious school located in Wisla. For five years I have learned everything about hotels and restaurants, from management, organizing reception, savoir vivre, listening to clients’ needs and reading their body language (my favourite school subject) up to spreading a light lemon fragrance in dining areas in order to activate clients’ taste buds.

Although the fact that I achieved the highest degree score at this school in my year, I have always failed the coffee tray when making the “coffee tray walk” in the school’s corridor in front of my school mates, wearing high heels, knee length skirt, white blouse with a dark jacket on the top (obligatory dress code for each day). I guess I was hoping that a nice smile to the teacher afterwards will relieve the failure 🙂 Luckily I wasn’t the only one with a bad “tray walk”, as my lovely girlfriend Alexandra, with a recently a knee operation, has dropped the trey as soon as she was holding it in her hand.

My cooking lessons of Polish and international meals, with a nice, curvy female cook passionate about Slavic cuisine, weren’t my strongest side either. First of all I had to overcome my raw meat phobia and actually touching meat, while most of my school mates could already prepare some tasty dinners for their families. The same year, at the yearly contest of “Hungarian food”, I was trying to convince the jury at my high school, that my Hungarian Letscho option is in fact a Mexican version, with a roasted spicy rice option. The orange colour of the spicy meal with sausage and vegetables in combination with spicy rice with a different shade of orange, weren’t everyone’s thing and made my gourmet meal look like a decorated Christmas Tree. As you can imagine, I didn’t win the first place nor the cinema tickets to our local cinema sponsored to the winner.

In spite of all the little obstacles on my way to the perfect hotelier, I have learned the most important thing during my education and practice exercise in five star hotels: in order to be successful in hospitality, you need to make your guest feel welcome, comfortable and get a little bit involved in their story. I like the saying that “people will never forget how you make them feel” and will always return to the people and places where they felt well.

Nowhere else, you will get closer to such a feeling than in a luxury five-star hotel, with a pleasantly smiling porter reaching for your luggage and a receptionist who remembers the name of your dog. An example of a luxurious hotel with a perfect service at a high level is Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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First opened in 1909, the Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne has long been an iconic landmark establishment in Lausanne. The stylish contemporary interior design and magnificent Art Nouveau architecture have attracted the aristocracy and renowned personalities. In the past the King of Thailand and the Royal Family of Spain have been regular guests in this house. So be prepared to stay in a wonderful room where the Thai majesty was sleeping hundreds years ago and a Spanish Princess enjoying the breath-taking balcony view.

Behind the reception you will the first “WOW” (pictures below). The newly renewed Lounge Area is representing an impressive interior design, comfort and luxury. According to me the colours, modern furniture and decoration are perfectly coordinated with the ancient painting on the wall. After decades of operations, the hotel has become it’s 100 Mio CHF well-deserved revival including this area for guests. This place feels very cosy, warm and invites you, especially in the evening, to sit down and relax, whilst having your favorite martini.

2 MainLobby

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Today the renewed Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne includes 196 rooms and suits, 101 in the historic building and 95 in the Garden Wing. All rooms have been refurbished in keeping them with the hotel’s exceptional architectural heritage. The rooms are offering the lake view or a city view, depending on what you prefer. I have decided to take the lake view as I can’t get enough of the Swiss Alps landscapes. After spending a couple of hours in this place you’re starting to feel like a princess, surrounded by all the luxury and modern amenities in addition with a wonderful view on Lake Geneva. I liked the wooden floors and high beds, which ensured the classic touch of this place. On the picture below you will find the beautiful room where I stayed:

3 311 BedroomArt

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3 311DeskBalcony

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The elegant bathroom in my room did not leave any wishes open. Equipped with a rain shower and Japanese bathtub, I have decided to spend some time in the evenings in the bathtub and watch my favourite TV series, as I never have time to do it at home. It feels like you have a small privet bathroom pool, when you’re sitting inside.  But I guess beeing in this hotel is all about enjoying this beautiful moments, relaxing and forgetting about the daily things.

3 311TypicalSuiteBathtub

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3 StandardBath

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One of the most impressive places in Hotel Royal Savoy is the wine corridor connecting the lounge area with the restaurant La Brasserie du Royal  with its exquisite fine-dining options. I like the hand-made floor with the names of 8 Protected Designation of Orgin Wines of Canton Vaud in Switzerland.  On both sides of the Sensory Corridor you will find a showcase of local products, with a selection of delicious meats, traditional cheese and more than 400 local wines.

4 WineCorridor copy

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The four dinning rooms are dividend into the Great Room, the Buffet, the Alcove and the Veranda. Find on my blog  La Brasserie du Royal  what exquisite dinner options you can expect in a noble restaurant, managed by Michelin-starred chef Marc Haeberlin and chief executive Julien Krauss.

5 BrasserieMain

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If you’re seeking for an elegant and soothing atmosphere with a warm and sweet cigar smell in the air, you might find it in the hotel’s Cigar Lounge, with a huge varianty of world best cigars. Don’t forget to check out the books on the shelves too (mainly written in French).

5 CigarDetail

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5 CigarLoungePeople1

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Located only 10 minutes walking from the main train station, Hotel Royal Savoy is also a great place for business meetings and private celebrations.  I had the chance to see all the extensive meeting rooms located in the underground floor, where some international companies hold their regular meeting for up to 480 guests.

The wonderful Ballroom areas will leave no wishes open of a freshly married bride, who will definitely have a perfect wedding celebration here for a large number of guests, with a separate kitchen and garden access from her ballroom.





6 SalonRoyal

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Staying at The Hotel Royal Savoy was a great pleasure and I can recommend it to any who would like to spend get a touch of luxury holidays in Lausanne and its area or who is coming for a business trip. On the hotels webside you can find more information.

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