What to do in Gruyères, Switzerland?

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have you ever asked a Swiss what’s the most picturesque village in Switzerland? Many will reply Gruyères in canton Fribourg. So I packed my red backpack with my stuff and camera, took my DOG and made myself on the way with Swiss train to this wonderful village of Gruyères. Everyone keeps asking me why I have sold my car 2 years ago… than I always answer, try commuting in “tiny Switzerland” in the rush hour by car, spend 2-4 hours daily in traffic jam – you will certainly fall in love with your SBB Abonnement for unlimited train journeys. I travel a lot, so I got a General Abo for myself (ca. 3700 CHF/year) and one for my dog (780 CHF/year), which allows unlimited travelling around Switzerland by train and SBB bics (plus many other benefits).

More info –> www.sbb.ch/abosbillette/abonnemente.html

I have arrived in Gruyères in the early afternoon, after I’ve spend too much time on exploring Bulle and Charmey. The weather was just perfect for this trip and the warm afternoon sun was almost hiding behind the Swiss Alps, giving some joy to the last three paragliding tourist in the sky.

arrived in Gruyeres
View from Chateau de Gruyeres

My dog was already tired from hiking all day long, so he laid down after passing the small railway station (19) in Gruyeres and showed me that wants to be carried, but we still had quite a long way to go through the mountains until we arrive in Hotel de Gruyeres (8). I was surprised that the railway station is so far away from the village but I enjoyed the last walk this day.


On my way I bought my Swiss “Abendessen”, which included some bread, herbal tea and my pearl among all cheeses over the world  – the old Gruyere. Finally I have arrived at Hotel de Gruyere, which is on the top of a hill with a fascinating view on the Swiss Alps. The interior of this hotel is typically what you would expect from a Swiss village – rural with lots of love for details – flowers in pots hanging from the windows, colorful painted porcelain and wooden beds with a shaped heart in the middle of the headboard. The first thing I would do in any hotel is checking the view from my hotel room. Beautiful and vivid is the only words I could think of (a short movie is available on http://www.facebook.com/thebrunetteabroad).

View from Hotel de Gruyeres
Hotel de Gruyeres

The next morning after having some coffee and a tasty breakfast view a stunning view on the Swiss Alps, I went to the old town of Gruyeres to find out what you can do here.

Breakfast time with my favorite cheese – Gruyere


1) try local cheese – Gruyere and local wine! 😀


2) visit the Gruyeres Chocolate factory –> Chocolaterie of Gruyeres


3) visit the stunning Gruyere castle and enjoy the view. Take a journey across 8 centuries of architecture, history and culture.




4) enjoy the idyll in the beautiful medieval town


5) if you art lover than you should visit the HR Giger Museum and its Bar on the opposite site (this Swiss artist won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects my favorite movie Alien !)

6) want to find out the secret of Swiss cheese? Come to La Maison du Gruyere (located next to the railway station) and take a route through all processes.



Find more short videos on http://www.facebook.com/thebrunetteabroad

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  1. Hello! I found your post as I was looking for places I could take my dog in Gruyeres. Was your allowed in the museums etc?


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