5 ways to get cheaper flight tickets

TIP 1: Use Travel Searching Engines

You want to book your next flight? It might be worth to use several searching engines to compare the prices and duration of your flights. I usually compare flights on 2-3 various searching engines. It is important to mention that prices on the same page for customers from different countries are significantly different, so for example you might buy a cheaper flight from Zürich to Milano on an English website from the same company rather than on the Swiss site.

I often use skyscanner, booking, kayak or cheapflights for booking of my flights.


TIP 2: Book Your Outward And Return Flight Separately

Not always but sometimes it might be cheaper for you if you book your outward and return flight separately at two different airlines. It also gives you more flexibility when traveling between destinations. Therefore don’t forget to make the additional check and find out if separate flights on your route are cheaper.


TIP 3: Book 7 Weeks In Advance

In the past travelers were waiting for some great last second flights and book a brilliant last minute offer at some desperate airlines, which wants to get rid of the last empty seats. Nowadays, however there’s so many cheap flight airlines and business travelers, who don’t care about the ticket costs covered by their companies’, so that it is really difficult to find a good last minute deal. Some airlines recommend to check their flights on short distances 7 weeks in advance, for eg. Zürich – Milano or London – Warsaw. In this way you have enough time to compare good offers and the chances to buy cheaper tickets are much bigger than in a shorter period of time. By the way for long distance flights you should start booking at least 18 weeks before departure.



Tipp 4: Get The Newsletter

Nowadays last minute flights may be difficult to find. There is a good way to stay informed anyway and be the first to know when a special offer has been introduced by your favorite airlines. Take a few minutes and visit the websites of the airlines you prefer to fly with and register for their newsletter. Your e-mail inbox will be slowly filled with special offers, new routes with introductory rates and cheap last minute flights, called “Schnäppli” in German 🙂 Keep an eye on the offers on Tuesdays afternoon, as most airlines don’t publish any special offers over the weekend – they have sufficient clients than.



Tipp 5: Buy Your Ticket On A Tuesday Afternoon

There is a great chance that your airlines have a better deal on a Tuesday afternoon. Statistically on this a Tuesday there is less flight purchases and some airlines want to attract their potential customers by offering cheaper flights. Some airlines publish their last minute weekend getaways on a Tuesday afternoon or even on a Monday to bit the tough competitors.

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