A Swiss mountain bucket list – Winter Edition

I have always been a huge fan of mountains. During my high school time, I lived for five years in the village Wisla in the South of Poland, which is surrounded by the amazing Silesian Beskids. Waking up to a landscape of mysterious, hazy forests in front of my window with a lazy sunshine trying to break through and breathing in the fresh air was so good to me then. Now, it has been six years since I moved from Poland to Switzerland and I couldn’t be more happy about being in a lovely country, that is so famous for its wonderful mountains. There is enough entertainment for every explorer, adventurer, foodie, and lovers in the Swiss Alps.

In today’s hectic life we struggle sometime to enjoy our holidays and take the benefit from a break to our everyday life.

Therefore I am sharing my personal Swiss mountains  bucket list so that you can deliberately enjoy the simple things in life:

  • Start your day with a good stretch of your body for as long as you wish

  • Think about the first thing that you are grateful for (I do this very often and it’s great)

  • Smile to the first person, that you meet today (humans only, so please don’t trick with your home pet 🙂 )

  • Weak up early, have a short breakfast and hurry to see a mountain peak in the morning sun (I promise you love the view and won’t regret having the small dark circles under your eyes. The Second cup of coffee later the day will fix you)

  • Take a picture from here and then turn off your handy for 4 hours

  • Forget about the every day and concentrate on what is surrounding you and take a walk – enjoy the colors, shapes, sounds, smells.

  • Sledding is always a good idea and Switzerland has very long slopes waiting for you. Wanna risk it?

  • Send a postcard from your place to a good old friend from your childhood

  • Enjoy a tasty fondue in a typical Swiss chalet in the afternoon

  • If your hotel has an outside pool with warm water then this is how I love to relax in the evening. Try it!

  • Have your favorite drink at the hotel’s bar and talk to a stranger.

Please share with me your thoughts. What do you do to fully relax during a nice stay in the mountains?

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