Discreet luxury in Arosa, Switzerland

It’s March and I am in Arosa. The elegant hotel driver with the Tschunggen Grand Hotel logo took care of our luggage. It’s the first time I’m sitting in a modern Tesla Model X, and it was driving so quietly – very impressive. It took 5 minutes to the hotel. The little village looks like many Swiss villages in the winter – tiny traditional houses located close to each other, surrounded with a Swiss Alpes and covered in white. Finally, my breathtaking view of a glass and steel construction reminding seals was sparkling in front of me (picture below). The blue, white and yellow warm light of the seals highlighted the snowy mountains in the background. What a view! It is the hotel’s wellness called The Tschuggen Bergoase with 5000 m2 and now I couldn’t wait to see the Mario Botta’s creation from the inside.



Tschuggen Grand Hotel is existing since 1980 and privately owned. The 5-star luxury hotel is a member of the 41 Swiss Delux Hotels, offering services, comfort, and luxury on the highest level. I and my friend have entered the hotel entry to check in and were warmly welcomed by the hotel’s receptionist and director. Warmth and splendor are filling every corner of this place and the walls, carpets, doors with the accessories are subtly coordinated. I love the owners private painting collection, a colorful mix of modern art published in the hotel’s corridors.



The friendly hotel director took us on a tour, explaining the concept of the hotel – luxury in combination with nature. She showed us to the 5 restaurants and the hotel bar. The best restaurant La Vetta with has an outstanding ambiance was unfortunately fully booked tonight. I didn’t think of making a reservation here but next time I will. The hotel owes an igloo outside the main building, where you can enjoy a tasty cheese fondue at a cold winter evening. I have decided to go for a tasty fine fast food this time and I ate the best burger in my life. The Basement is located in the basement of the hotel, as you might think 🙂 Besides fantastic foods, including burgers, salads, and desserts, you can enjoy your time with family and friends by bowling or playing some board games. First things first, and that would be our burgers! My friend took a tasty burger with Kobe meat and I took a healthy tofu burger. I am trying to be a perfect vegetarian, but as soon she has got her tasty burger with a piece of medium grilled meat, I was a little bit jealous. I remember the taste of the world’s best meat, Japanese Kobe beef until today after last years’ Japan round trip and this meat is just melting in your mouth like butter.

Our room… what a fairy tale! I felt in love immediately after discovering the mountain landscape beyond the window. The beds were so comfortable to sleep in – a realm of the senses. There was a nice welcome apéro waiting in the room for us, with home made cake, orange marmalade, and fresh fruits.  I was delighted to read a personally written letter from the hotel owner. “What a nice gesture,” I thought. Thank you so much!



In the evening with a head full of emotions we headed to discover the large wellness area Tschuggen Bergoase. Passing by the stylish corridors we enter a long glass bridge, which is connecting the hotel with the wellness area. On our left and right, we can see the warm light of the colorful glass seals now in the dark. The interior inside of the SPA is just as wonderful as from outside.  A heaven of well-being and inner tranquillity was my first thought. We took off our soft bathrobes to sink into the warm water of the swimming pool and then we enjoyed the wellness architecture – delicate shapes of ocean’s waves were rising above our heads. Later we have discovered the outside pool and enjoyed Arosa’s lovely and cold air. So relaxed and comfortable I didn’t even realize that we were the last guests in the wellness. Still enough time to have a short glimpse into the hotel’s sauna area, gym and yoga room.


The next morning I woke up like this…. I could live with this landscape for a while 🙂

FullSizeRender (4)


With that mountain view, I didn’t really want to leave the room but breakfast time would soon be over. We got dressed and put some make-up on in the rhyme of some television music from Fashion TV channel. On our way to the Grand Restaurant, where breakfast is served, we have met the friendly hotel director, who took us to our restaurant table. There was a lot of elegant people, families with children, lovers who seek for a relaxed weekend and the small business group, who were cheeky enough the evening before, to rent the best hotel restaurant La Vetta for themselves 🙂 The variety of foods is huge – a wide range of Swiss cheese, fruits, vegetables and fine meats. We have ordered a cappuccino and a freshly pressed power juice with oranges, carrots, and ginger – so tasty! Finally, I made my choice and ordered a tasty omelette with mushrooms and it tasted so good.


Soon our weekend trip in Arosa would come to an end, so after breakfast, we have started packing our belongings. But before we let we wanted to see the  Tschuggen Express –  the hotel’s own mountain railway. The two cabins can take up to 12 guests in 2 minutes to the top of the mountain. While guests enjoy the views of snow-covered mountain tops in winter or lush green alpine meadows in summer, the train climbs 150 meters. From here you can take a cable car to the next mountain peak.


After this wonderful weekend, I have started the new working week with lots of good energy and coffee, which would bring me back to reality. Thank you Tschuggen Grand Hotel for giving me such amazing impressions.

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