Happy Birthday Zermatt Unplugged!

The first time I heard about Zermatt Unplugged was when I saw a picture in the newspaper of a piano making a dramatic journey by a helicopter to the top of Matterhorn Mountain on 3030 meters above sea level. It is understandable that Ronnie Scott’s All Stars band could not perform their jazz concert without all the necessary music equipment. In April 2017 was the 10th edition of this legendary acoustic music event, with 312 artists, 84 concerts, 14 stages and nearly 30’000 visitors so far and I was lucky to be there.


Founded in 2007 by Thomas Sterchi and Marco Godat as a singer and songwriter festival, Zermatt Unplugged has increasingly developed into a meeting point for fans of unadulterated sounds.

Left: Thomas Sterchi with one of the festival sponsors from “Schweizer Fleisch”.


The atmosphere of Zermatt Unplugged music festival, on its 14 festival stages, is legendary and the event takes place every spring when the sun is shining and skiing conditions are perfect. I have arrived in the sunny village on a Friday morning and planned to stay here for 3 more days. This year among the stars were artists like Jess Glynne, Paolo Nutini, Nelly Furtado, Graham Candy, LP, The Temper Trap, Michel Bolton, Jan Blomqvist, James Gruntz & Friends, Alle Farben and much more. I was excited to meet some of them.

The journey to the Swiss village located in canton Valais is as magical as well – VISITING THE FAMOUS MATTERHORN IN ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND



After checking into my hotel room and unpacking my small luggage, I grabbed my new camera, which is still way too complicated for me, and then I made myself on the way to experience the rock, jazz and indie artists. I was lucky to make new friends on my way to Zermatt with locals, who have been to this event before and knew the location of all stages. However, I was carrying my map with me all the time:



The Zeltbühne Foyer was located 5 minutes from my hotel. Once passing the entry, I have entered the Taste Village – a sunny pleasure oasis fusing the festival lifestyle, unplugged music coming from the Bühne with Swiss gastronomy. I was really delighted to find a vegan chalet called Mape here! They really thought about everything 🙂 The other chalets were offering cervelat sausages, which were grilled over a big campfire, pizza, fondue, raclette, roastbeef sandwiches,  traditional specialties, and cocktails.




Here, with music at heart, a glass of white wine, sunshine and the Matterhorn in sight, I was so happy! The sweet voice of  Annie Goodchild has filled the air and people made themselves comfortable on the benches and hanging chairs in front of the Bühne. What a voice!


There were many unforgettable acoustic moments during those 2 days and below I will post some more pictures and short videos from Zermatt Unplugged and those moments and artists, I like the most.



Paolo Nutini


The Temper Trap


James Gruntz & Friends


Alle Farben Live Circus GD


Next year I am planning to visit Zermatt Unplugged again, but with some friends, who already declared they felt in love with some of my pictures on facebook. I think it is important to find accommodation in advance, otherwise it can get way too expensive in Switzerland’s most famous ski resort. Zermatt Unplugged is definitely worth visiting, an event with a lovely view and acoustic soul. Happy Birthday Zermatt Unplugged!

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