Visiting the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland

In April 2017 I spend 3 days in wonderful Zermatt, with the main goal to see as much of the town, world’s most famous mountain and of course Zermatt Unplugged itself (separate blog). During my journey to my favorite Swiss canton – Valais I took some pictures for you. I was lucky to have a perfect sunny weather.

This is on my way from Visp to Zermatt with the slowest train in the world. The train drives only with 40 km/h which is perfect if you want to enjoy the amazing landscapes. Snowy mountains, dense forests and curvy rivers with waterfalls are surprising every moment.
Zermatt lies at the foot of the Matterhorn. The town’s touristic development is closely linked to what is most probably the world’s most famous mountain. How do you like it?
Walking down the populated streets in the town of Zermatt is a dream. I’m passing by cozy wooden hotels and restaurants, as well as super luxurious shops and on the horizon, I see a vast mountain scenery. How beautiful is that?
During my stay for 3 days in Zermatt, I stayed at the Derby Hotel, which was quite OK when it comes to the standard, perfect location in the heart of Zermatt and 2 minutes walking from the railway station. I had a nice chat with the receptionist before she showed me to my room.
Rooms are just fine and clean, which is what I would expect from a 3* hotel in Zermatt. I missed better shampoo and shower products, to be honest, but luckily I found a store, where I could get them.


The vacation destination is a car-free zone, has preserved its original character and offers nearly unlimited possibilities as far as excursions are concerned. These tiny cars and even police cars are powered by energy.  I’m not sure if this is totally true but a local friend I meet on the train told me that the cars are being produced here in Zermatt.
I couldn’t resist of getting one for my best friend 🙂
On a Friday afternoon, I made myself on the way with my new friend, whom I meet on the train this morning. He showed me the Matterhorn Museum and we spend the rest of the day together at Zermatt Unplugged (separate blog).
The entry to the Matterhorn Museum






This is a typical stone rooftop of any house in Zermatt and surrounding area.


After this Zermatt city center round trip we went for typical Swiss food, Appler Macaroni, Röschti and Züri Geschnitzeltes.


After a tasty and pretty heavy dinner, we went to Zermatt Unplugged. I will post a separate blog on this stunning music event soon and put a link right here –>

There is much more that you can do in Zermatt and here are some of my tips:

  • hiking, mountain biking, climbing as skiing is on a daily list of most tourist here,
  • visit the mountain restaurant Blue Lounge Skiihüte with an outstanding panorama on the Matterhorn,
  • Sparkling ice crystals and glittering ice sculptures enchant visitors to the glacier palace,
  • Matterhorn glacier paradise is the highest cable car station in Europe (3,883 m), with its new restaurant it sets fresh standards in sustainable development. The views of the highest mountains in Italy, France and Switzerland are breathtaking.
  • The Gorner gorge is a place of exceptional natural beauty. The wooden walkways leading between the towering cliffs provide a dramatic insight into the power of nature.
  • Going out: Vernissage Bar with it’sreeeeaaaaly good clubbing music.
  • For ca. 220 CHF you can have a 20 minut helicopter sightseeing flight over Zermatt.

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