I have never experienced undomesticated wild and free animals, therefore you can imagine how excited I am about my journey to South Africa next month. Animals and their well-being have always been very important to me. When I was 11 years old I published a report about the cruelty of whales fishing in the oceans in our elementary school’s corridor, after getting the approval from the director. Together with my best friend, we have carefully collected newspaper clippings from all our Bravo Girl magazines and internet support was just not an option at that point in time. Making the world a better place by raising awareness felt like the right thing to do but our school peers didn’t care too much about it. Going to the zoo and getting impressed by imprisoned animals is not an option for me and my last vivid memory of a real lion is when my parents took me to the zoo as a child.

After I found out that one of the best places for wildlife tourism is beautiful South Africa, especially in the winter season, I checked some organized roundtrips on the internet, so I don’t waste too much time on organizing everything myself. Berge & Meer is one my favorite German travel agencies and I will be writing a daily travel report from my Africa trip, which will be available in German on the company’s homepage. The journey includes a visit to the best places for wildlife watching, which is the Krüger Nationalpark and Garden Route. Here I will hopefully see some cute lions, leopards, chimpanzees, hyenas, giraffes, elephants, buffalo, zebras, and wildebeest in their natural habitat. My heart pounds faster when I think of taking wonderful pictures and memories from Africa back home and share them with you here ❤


Photography downloaded from the web:








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