Tomorrow starts a 3-day city festival in Winterthur, Switzerland. So what is so special about it?

In the year 286 Saint Albanus was executed during the Christian persecution. Albanus was one of the three saints to who were also patrons of the city Winterthur, in Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. Saint Albanus was elected as the patron of the City of Winterthur. On the memorial day of Albanian (22 June 1264) Rudolf von Habsburg granted the city a letter of liberty and this was celebrated by an event called Albanian Day. The Albanifest as we know it today was launched in 1971 and it is considered to be one of Europe’s largest, annual recurring city festival.

During the annual festival, you can expect approximately 100 food stands with world’s specialties and drinks, 50 dancing halls, 50 orchestras, lots of music, flashlights and wonderful carousels. Try the ferries wheel to get a spectacular evening view on the City of Wintertur.

And the prices?

  • wine 1/2 l – 16 CHF
  • beer 3 – 5 dl – 4 – 6 CHF
  • mineral water – 1 CHF
  • traditional cervelat sausage from the grill with bread – 5 CHF – 6 CHF
  • menus available at the food stands are mostly around 10-15 CHF for a big portion

Hope to see you there this Saturday 🙂 Have a good weekend!



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