Who exactly is Jimmi Nelson?

Jimmi Nelson was born in 1967 in the UK and started working as a photographer in 1987. He made a one year journey to Tibet and the results was an incredible and unique visual diary, revealing images of a mysterious and inaccessible Tibet.  In 1994 together with his wife he has produced “Literary Portraits of China”, including pictures of the indigenous cultures in China. His photography was later exhibited in the People’s Palace on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, followed by a world tour. This was just a start of his great career as a famous photographer. Jimmies successful work undertook commercial advertising for world leading brands. In 2010 he began his journey to create an amazing piece of art and iconic artistic document “Before They pass Away“.


He has visited 35 chosen Indigenous communities, nine of them in Africa, and photographed them. Currently, he is working on the second part of this book – his new passion – on a far wider platform.




Why am I writing about this photographer? Because I have purchased his work “Before They pass Away” a couple of months ago and I am full of admiration for the wonderful photography he did, but also for the unrevealed cultures, that will never be accessible for normal people. The 50-year old photographer says his book is just the beginning of a larger project. He wants his work to be an inspiration for others “In my eyes the tribespeople are emotionally and social very rich but materially very poor, and we’re the opposite” he says.

While I have been studying his book for a few hours, I would like to share some of his wonderful work below.  Please let me know in comments how you like it.

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