Madagascar’s largest national park – Masoala National Park, with an area of 2’400 km2, can be reached only by boat or by a multi-day trekking. This park is home to many unusual animals – you may find here the red-ruffed lemur, white-fronted brown lemur, aye-aye, greater hedgehog tenrec, fossa, fanaloka, falanouc, and a number of bird species. Watch where you swim – the Gulf of Antongil is notorious for sharks. Look carefully for chameleons and relatively abundant Uroplatus geckos. Before the Panther chameleon was popular as the islands favorite pet, it occurred only in Madagascar. To catch insects, the reptile uses its sticky tongue, which can be extended to 50 cm.


Photography downloaded from the web:



Panther Chameleon {Furcifer pardalis}




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