Hiking in the Swiss Alps – Engelberg-Titilis

Engelberg-Titlis is the largest winter and summer holiday destination in central Switzerland, located near my favorite Swiss city Lucerne. The cute little village with the famous monastery offers so many activities for all kind of tourists. I have spent last weekend with friends on my first Swiss hiking tour. Let me share my impressions with you.

Some facts first:

Engelberg is located 25 km south of Lake Lucerne in a wide mountain valley at an altitude of around 1000 meters. At 3,239 meters, Titlis mountain with its glacier, and Hahnen mountain at 2,600 meters, are towering over the surrounding peaks. In the winter they make sure that there will be snow far into the spring season. It is one of the top 10 ski regions in Switzerland. In the summer, on the other hand, it’s all about hiking, mountaineering, climbing, biking, and playing golf.


  • Four Lake Hike – magnificent tour from glassy Lake Trübsee to deep-blue Engstlensee, on to the turquoise-colored Tannensee and the picturesque Melchsee.
  • With the rotating Titlis Rotair gondola to the eternal ice and the spectacular suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk, the Ice-Flyer and the Glacier Grotto (snow is from October until May).
  • Children’s paradise Brunni – a toboggan run, Globi’s water world, Globi‘s petting zoo at the Rigidal mountain inn, and the tickling path near Härzlisee – everything a child could want.
  • The town of Engelberg with it’s rustic character. Discover the Benedictine monastery, which was founded in 1120. It had a great impact of the village life, but also today – the monks are living, working and teaching here.
  • Freeriding and ski touring – spectacular downhill runs, such as Laub, Steinberg and Galtiberg make Engelberg the ultimate freeride heaven and for all those who don’t mind a bit of climbing, there are a number of fantastic ski tours.
  • Alpine Pop Music Festival the pop music festival at Ristis has established itself and is now a fixed part of the summer music program in central Switzerland (August)
  • Rugghubelberglauf unparalleled run against a majestic mountain backdrop. It starts in the village of Engelberg and finishes at the Rugghubel hut at 2,296 meters (August).

It’s the last Saturday in June and it’s a warm morning already. I and my friends are struggling what to wear for a hike in Engelberg mountains. It’s might be a hot day but it’s always freezing at the top of a mountain. Our plan is it to make a Four Lake Hike and later take the gondola up to Titlis Mountain but our journey is almost ruined because Peter can’t find his backpack for all the food and water, five jackets and three pairs of socks he has prepared. Of course, we weren’t thinking about preparing our journey the evening before… we had a wonderful barbecue, some drinks and lots of laughter. After a funny argument with his wife Eve, he is giving another attempt of finding his backpack and discovering it under a heap of clothes in his wardrobe.

We are having a delicious breakfast prepared by Eve and enjoy the hot cup of tea. It takes us approximately 20 minutes from Zürich to reach Lucerne and luckily the streets are not full (as usual in Switzerland). It takes us another 30 minutes to reach a parking area in front of the Titlis gondola. The tickets cost us 18 CHF for the route trip to Fürenalp plus additional 9 CHF for the second gondola to the Four Lake Hike.

The views from the gondola are stunning and we are passing cute Swiss cows, green hills, and mountain bikers. We breathe in the fresh air and make jokes about the story of a businessman, who’s idea is to sell Swiss air in bottles and sell it abroad (source 20.min). Luckily we don’t have to pay for breathing here nor for hiking on the narrow paths, leading us to the Lake Eugenisee and Lake Trübsee. We pass green landscapes with waterfalls, flower fields, and picturesque mountains. The water of the Trübsee lake is turquoise blue and tiny waterfalls are falling into the vast quite water.

We make a stop for lunch and enjoy the typical Swiss wooden chalet serving traditional dishes – apler macaroni, dry meats and Wurscht vom Grill – no vegetarian foods are served here. Jointly and severally to my friends I have a Wurscht mit Brot and some tomatoes. Later we are discovering further beautiful areas and I feel guilty that I didn’t take my dog on this trip as many hikers are coming here with their four-legged friends. Next time!

It’s already afternoon and we are tired from walking, so now we are on our way home. I am wondering how I would survive the planned Kilimanjaro hike in Africa, that takes 5 days and I start feeling happy that I have postponed it. I am not surprised that so many Swiss are escaping from cities into the wildness to relax and to spend time in nature. For me, it is a great way of finding balance in life after a busy working week. I hope that my active day in Engelberg is a new beginning of my hiking adventures in Switzerland and I am motivated to discover more in soon and share it with you.

Below I am sharing some photography I made during the hike (for more photography subscribe to my IG www.instagram.com/traveldegree

Hiking (virgin) Timberland shoes
Trübensee, Switzerland
cute lazy cows
a wonderful landscape while hiking in Engelberg
a typical Swiss chalet serving Swiss dishes
A typical dish in the Swiss mountains – Wurscht with fresh bread, tomatoes and pickles

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