Simple tricks to relieve your iPhone storage

It’s a challenge for every traveler to cope with the iPhone memory. Isn’t it? Before I have purchased the iPhone 7, its predecessors had only 16 gigabytes to offer and a “Memory is full” message during a journey can turn a traveler’s trip into a bad human-technology battle. Here are some tricks how to optimize your iPhone’s memory before your next journey:

Every Messenger Is A Storage Hog

iMessage and Whatsapp quickly swap your phone’s storage in the gigabyte range. But honestly, who reads old chats? Auto-saved photos and videos also eliminate unnecessary memory.

  • IMessage: Apple’s own messenger will automatically clean up on your request. You can find the option in the system settings under “Messages”. The choice is 30 days, one year or unlimited storage. Make sure to select 30 days to assure more space on your phone.
  • Whatsapp: with Whatsapp you have to delete the stored contents manually, but the chat profiles are lost. In the chat view, you can individually select chats to be deleted using “Edit”. Alternatively, select “Clear all chats” in the “Chats” settings.
  • Don’t Save HDR-Twins 

If the lighting conditions are not ideal, HDR can help you a lot. Unfortunately, the iPhone saves a copy of the desired HDR photo, but also the normal picture without the improvements. That costs you senseless memory. To change the option, select “Photos & Camera” in the “Settings” and set the switch to “Keep Photo” under “HDR” or manually delete the normal picture.


Be Careful With Your Favorite Music Downloads

During my Hawaii trip two-three years ago, I did download a lot of music so I can listen to it unlimited while discovering the sunny island. My earplugs were consistently “in use” but my iPhone’s storage became tight when I tried to immortalize the last days of my journey. I had to say “Aloha and goodbye” to some songs, that I didn’t like so much but they were part of the album. Currently, I am trying to listen as much as possible to YouTube or the radio.

Optimize Photos On Your iPhone

If you use iCloud to back up your images on the net, there is a simple way to optimize your storage. The iPhone will keep only a reduced version of your freshly snapped picture, but in the iCloud the pictures will be stored in its full splendor. To do this go to settings “Photos & Camera”. Under the item “iCloud-Fotomediathek”, select “Optimize iPhone Storage” instead of “Download and Keep Originals”.


The Quickest Way … 

Delete bad photos and keep the good ones. You can think about keeping your good pictures on your laptop if you think, you won’t need them for some time. Delete apps that you don’t use. Almost every person I know keeps too many Apps, which are actually not used and those applications also accumulate a big amount of data over the time. The most common way to solve this problem is to select “General settings”, “Storage and iCloud settings” and Manage storage. You will see all social media apps can be a real storage hog, but find and remove those apps, which you haven’t been using in a while.

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