A view from Table Mountain in South Africa

The Table Mountain rises 1’087 meters above Cape Town and offers a wide panorama view of the city, the mountains, the sea and unspoiled South African wilderness. With the cable car, you reach the flat summit that gave the mountain its name in no time. Alternatively, you can also hike up here for four to six hours – in the spring, you will past mountainsides full of flowers.

Next month in August, you can join me on 3 weeks South Africa trip by following my social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter  I am going to post stories about every place I visit and of course, take pictures for you. A full summary of my journey will be available on www.facebook.com/traveldegree


Please find below an amazing movie showing Cape Town and Table Mountain from birds perspective.



    1. I’m really excited too! If o will have sufficient time I will try to make some movies 🎥 too. Have a good day Stewie

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