My favorite travel accessory – eBook reader

My favorite travel accessory –  Tolino Shine 2HD


how many of you love reading books just like me and at some point in time discover that you have filled every corner of your apartment with books and newspapers? Well, that is the problem that I am currently facing. My shelves are filled with books to the brim and also the windowsill has become a new “home” for my books. In addition, I can not imagine going on vacation without a good Murakami book or some travel magazines. On the other hand, I don’t like my flat becoming a library, so I have recently decided to invest in a Tolino Shine 2 HD eBook reader. I wasn’t too enthusiastic when ordering my Tolino on two weeks ago, but today I must confess that I really like it! I like the classic book, the touch of paper and rustling of pages but the Tolino has some advantages too. It is light, very handy and has a beautiful layout, which looks exactly like a page of a book. It is much easier to carry it in a bag than a heavy traditional book, (especially such as my recent novel from Hideo Yokohama -“64” with its 800 pages of good reading)!

Tolino Shine 2HD comes without the cover but I hardly recommend to buy one too. It can store up to 2000 eBooks and has a long battery life up to 7 weeks so that you can easily charge your device only once before going on vacation. Thanks to the WLAN connection you can immediately download and read your favorite book. It comes with a 300 ppi pin-sharp display and integrated illumination.


Since the device is quite new on the market, there are some discounts available in this period of time. I have purchased mine 16% cheaper on:

I hope this short blog is helpful for those who struggle with buying a new eBook reader. Please let me know which experience you have made with your eBook readers?


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