IMG_3848Travel Degree is a travel blog and website started by Milena Nowak from Poland, currently living in Switzerland, sharing photography and travel ideas from all over the world. I grew up in Poland, Germany, and Holland and I was inspired by the diversity of culture, language, architecture and lifestyle in each country.

Today I work as finance manager for an international Swedish concern based in Switzerland and I love my job. On the other hand, I take every opportunity to make new travel stories, write down notes to my travel diary and capture unforgettable moments with the camera.

I have a unique travel style which is a blend of luxury one day and surviving adventure the other –  seeking out the most incredible experiences on foot, train, bus, through rivers and out of airplanes. I am passionate about everything on my journey, starting from the local people, their traditions, and conventions to business Knigge and divine food!

The goal of The Brunette Abroad  – Community Travel Blog is to promote traveling, work-life-balance and build up a travel community, which offers valuable tips, inspiration, and information.