Travel Degree is a travel blog and website started by Milena Nowak and sharing photography and travel inspiration from all over the world. I grew up in Poland, Germany, and also spend 2 years in Holland. I have always been inspired by the diversity of culture, language, architecture, and lifestyle in every country. Currently, I live in Switzerland and work in the Corporate Finance, but I take every opportunity to make new travel memories in my leisure, capture unforgettable moments with the camera and write about them for you.

I have a unique travel style which is a blend of luxury one day and surviving adventure with my friends and dogs the other – seeking out the most incredible experiences on foot, train, bus, through rivers and out of airplanes. I am passionate about everything on my journey, starting with the culture of local people, traditions, politics, beautiful landscapes, divine food and business knige!

The goal of my blog Travel Degree is to promote traveling, a work-life-balanced lifestyle and to build up a travel community, who shares valuable travel inspiration, photography and useful tips.